Susan Mclean Edit

she is an expert tech and she doesn't have the capability to edit this page unlike me, she should die

kill her now

i am Susan Mclean and i demand that this website be shutdown immediately because it has NIFOC.

From a fan of Susan.

Ahaha jks fuck that bitch woooooo

Laptop Stand Edit

Susan Mclean absorbs her cyber-bullying fighing powers from her infamous laptop stand, which features in many A Current Affair "news" stories. It is said that no cyber bully can withstand looking at the Laptop Stand in all it's glory for longer than 10 seconds.


In her unrivaled knowlege of youth slang Susan has cracked into words parents would have never have discovered without her.

These incude:

'NIFOC' - Nude in front of computer

'DUM' - Did you masturbate? (you may think this one's 'dum' but who are you to question her expertise.)

'DISL' - Did you scream loud?

'Banana' - Penis

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