Background Information Edit

SoFloAntonio (real name: Antonio Lievano) is a freebooting Youtuber and Facebooker, earning between $30 000 and $120 000 every month by uploading stolen and unlicensed content which is not his, and sticks his head in at the start to give the false impression that the video is his own. In essence, he spams Youtube and Facebook. He also uploads prank videos which are made by him, however, he also gets the prank ideas of other people (and usually involve him harassing or annoying others). In other words, his whole Youtube and social media career is built upon unoriginal content, and he almost never gives credit to the original owners. He has been called out for his immoral acts by many Youtubers, including Lewis Spears, Marcus Dibble and h3h3Productions. Marcus Dibble also started a petition to get him banned from Youtube and Facebook on

Beginning Edit

Soflo started uploading practical jokes in 2013. At the start they were nothing more than innocent gags.

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