Liam 'Lewis' Spears Edit

Liam Spears was born on 15th January, 1194 and is a THICC C Austrian comedian, pornstar, musician, podcaster and youtube personality.

Liam went to McKinnon Secondary College. Liam has displayed on multiple occasions that he felt the school "was the shit." Despite his distaste for his secondary education, he is currently featured as an Alumnus as a Comedian on the school's wikipedia page. Liam, to the surprise of all his edgy fans, has not killed himself to date. While this may seem quite meaningless to the average cunt, recording miscellaneous bit at the end is a recognized war crime

Liam's has said that his true dream has been to own 20-25 fast food stores. Though likely because of his poor schooling, he became confused and accidentally became a comedian instead. Recently he was able to steer closer to his dream, but missed the mark; selling pears instead of fast food.