About Edit

Keemstar is known for starting one of the few youtube channels run by a gnome, "Gnome Alert." In his videos he falsely accused people of being pedophiles and details which 14 year old minecraft LPers have a beef with each other. He is the most idiotic, gnomey garden gnome that has ever lived. He loves to hate on people, cause they know he is a gnome.

Lew Review Edit

Keemstar and his youtube show "Gnome Alert" were subject to the lew review "#DramaAlert Keemstar Gets Racist, Wants You To Have Cancer. Also Secretly A Gnome!" He responded with a 17 second video, before getting salty and blocking Lewis on twitter. We figure part of his anger comes from being the only gnome made with deformed teeth.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Fucking NIGGER"

"I hope you get Cancer"

"Minecraft Drama is news"

"I am a Gnome"

"Leeeeeeetsss Geeeeeeet Rooooiiiiiiiiiiiight intothe Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews"

"Alex is a stupid NIGGER!!!!!"

"You're black, you're my slave!" (These are true by the way)